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3440 Branch Drive, Flowery Branch, GA 30542 770-536-3053




country cookin' at it's best!
Good food
good friends
come join the family!
all roads lead to curts country HOME STYLE cookin'

From fried okra to country fried steaks; home brewed hot coffee to southern sweet tea, the aroma and flavor of Curts country styled cooking is gonna delight your taste buds and knock your socks off!


Curts is way more than just a restaurant. It's a gathering place for family and friends from near and far.  Come join us, make some new friends and enjoy the BEST in down home southern style  country cookin!


Whether you're  local, a Road Atlanta race car fan, traveling to the North Georgia mountains with your motorcycle club, or just leaving your Sunday go to meetin' spot, remember to stop by for some GREAT cookin'.  We'll see you later today!


our story

WE have added some Delicious new items!

These items are made fresh to order!

  • Hamburgers

  • Hot Dogs

  • French Fries

  • Onions Rings


Try adding cheese, bacon, slaw or pimento cheese to make it even better!


Edited interview by    Hall County Magazine   Behind the Business
 Curt’s Restaurant

A Hall County favorite and a family tradition, Curt’s celebrated 20 successful years in October. Patrons enjoy personal service and scrumptious
southern cooking in a relaxed, hometown atmosphere.  We met up with owner, Sharon Lance, to get the scoop on Curt’s two-decades of success.

HCM: Give us a brief history of Curt’s.

SL: Well, this was all sort of my late husband, Curt’s dream. In 1988, Iwas working at Rich’s when I got a call from Curt asking if I could take a
leave of absence because he had just purchased a restaurant. He was raised in the restaurant business. His family owned Burger Chef and Beef Corral here locally. I thought I would take a leave of absence for a while, helphim get it up and running, then go back to work. Well, needless to say, I never went back to Rich’s. We had ten people working for us back then,including the cook from the previous restaurant, Francis. Five years after opening our doors, we built our new location, which holds 200 people. Everyyear since then has been a significant accomplishment. Keep our doors open, stay profitable, and enhance our customer’s lives.
HCM: What are the largest hurdles that you experienced on this journey?

SL: For me personally, it was my lack of restaurant experience. I had tolearn to shop for food, to handle inventory, to run a business. In 2003, when Curt passed away, I experienced the largest hurdle of my life, both personally and professionally. I had lost my husband and there is immense pain and suffering that comes along with that. I had also lost my businesspartner, the one who handled personnel. So, I found myself having to learnquickly how to manage the people who work for us. It was very tough.
 HCM: All the recipes we know and love to enjoy, where are they from?
SL: Most are from family. But, Francis is still with us and I have to give her credit for a lot of it. She is an amazing cook.
 HCM: How has owning such a popular restaurant changed or enhanced your life?
SL: Oh, I have so many wonderful friends, family, now. They are my customers and my employees. Owning Curt’s has enhanced my life financially. I think the most significant thing is that Curt’s has opened my eyes and my heart to the wonderful differences in people and the way they live. I could have a man worth millions come in at the same time as a woman who can only afford to eat here once a month. It is amazing to get to know and love such different people.

HCM: Tell us what a typical day is like for you.
SL: These days, my schedule isn’t so bad. For years I was at the restaurantat 4:30 in the morning and stayed well after the lunch rush. Now, I get in around 8 AM and work through breakfast. I usually head out to run errands,do some paperwork, and head back in for lunch. Then I pay bills, maybe stop by the gym on the way home, do more paperwork and hopefully get to spend sometime with family.
 HCM: How many employees work for you now?
 SL: Thirty, some full-time, some part-time.

HCM: What do you enjoy most about being a business owner?
 SL: Oh, being there with the customers and employees. There is a lot of back office work to be done, but I just love being around everyone. I feel like people have accepted me into their families. I’ve seen some of their kids from the womb to the wedding and that is just priceless.
HCM: What do you enjoy doing when you have a moment to yourself?
 SL: I love to go to the gym, shop, travel, spend time with family, and be involved with church. I also love to spend time with my youngest child,
Baxter, a Bichon Frise.

 HCM: What keeps you going?
SL: My faith in God, my wonderful family, my precious customers, and my special time alone.

 Curt’s is located at 3440 Branch Drive, Flowery Branch Georgia 30542


Our story began with curt's dream

Reserve a spot for your special group sit a spell and enjoy the food

 With over 200 seats you'll almost never
(we said almost never) have to wait on a seat at Curts. And what better place to meet and eat with your special group.You can reserve a 40 to 100 seat section at no charge. All we ask is that you enjoy the food at Curts while you meet!


Call 770.536.3053 to reserve a spot for your group.


food, friends and family



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